The first step in the process of how to get pregnant is to find a man that wants to have a family with you. For many women, this first step can be the most difficult. We women spend years of our lives checking out all men that pass, wondering if he might be the one that knows how to get us pregnant (on purpose).

All joking aside, if you already have a male partner, or at least a willing sperm donor, most of the battle is over. From this point, it should not be difficult to figure out how to get pregnant. All that is required to get pregnant is one sexual act that delivers sperm to your uterus. However, the catch is that this delivery must be exactly timed with the release of one of your eggs into your uterus, also known as ovulation.

If the delivery does not occur at the exact time, chances are that you will not get pregnant and will have to try again. This process can take quite a while as you chase the elusive time period when your egg is poised to be fertilized. Many couples can become frustrated at this point, and may begin to ask themselves how they will accomplish this and if there are more tricks that can be used for them to get pregnant. Chances are that you, as a couple, are doing all that you can and pregnancy will occur naturally within two years.

Two years? That probably sounds like a long time for you to wait! How can you get pregnant more quickly than that?

In order to maximize the possibility of getting pregnant, you need to increase the frequency of your sexual relations. If you only have time for sexual intercourse once a month, what are the chances that it will happen to fall on one of your few fertile days? If you want to truly know how you can get pregnant, convince your partner to have sexual intercourse with you at least every other day for a few months. This will considerably increase your chances to get pregnant. And the nice thing is that it is unlikely that your partner will be opposed to such a fantastic plan for how to get pregnant.

One final word of advice: be sure that you are having intercourse at all different times of the month. Women’s cycles differ, and if you tend to be less sexually active during the same time every month (which is definitely feasible considering the modern schedule), you could be missing that prime opportunity for getting pregnant.

In a nutshell, if you are wondering how you can become pregnant, stop wondering! Convince your partner to make love to you more frequently and at different times of the month and you will not have any problem!

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